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Episode 6: 13 Reasons to Start the Conversation

The Conversationalist Podcast | Season One: Episode 6. Coming to you live this Tuesday!

This week on The Conversationalist Podcast we will dive into the topics of mental health, bullying, and suicide. This week we will be releasing a special bonus episode with expert Dr. Victor Schwartz from the Jed Foundation to talk about suicide in the media.


In the first episode, Sophie interviews licensed psychotherapist and former Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise star Taylor Nolan, as well as the Deputy CEO of The Diana Award's Anti Bullying Pro organization, Alex Holmes. Together, the two guests reflect on their personal stories of bullying throughout their lives. We also discuss how their experiences have paved the way for the work they are doing now and what they believe are the next steps for young people today. We bring episode one to a close with expert Dr. Stephanie Fredrick, the associate director of the Alberti Center for Bullying Abuse Prevention, with her thoughts on the ramifications of cyberbullying today.


Be sure to tune in on Thursday for part two where Sophie interviews Dr. Victor Schwartz, the Chief Medical Officer of The Jed Foundation, and his thoughts on the popularized Netflix series 13 Reasons Why, known for its coverage on serious taboo topics such as bullying and suicide.


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Alex Holmes is the London-based deputy CEO of The Diana Award a charity organization created on the memory of Princess Diana and her belief that the youth can change the world. Holmes main objective is to empower young people to be individuals to stand up against harmful behavior whether it be online, in school, or in their communities. 


Taylor Nolan is a psychotherapist based in Washington state. She is most known for being a contestant on the Bachelor and Bachelor on Paradise where she popularized the idea of emotional intelligence on national television. Nolan is also the host of her podcast “Let’s Talk About It,” a platform where she regularly covers taboo topics such as mental health, sex, and relationships. 


Dr. Stephanie Fredrick hails from Buffalo, New York and is the associate director of the Alberti Center for Bullying Abuse Prevention and an assistant professor at the University of Buffalo School of Psychology. Dr. Frederick’s goals are to push forward rigorous research in the field of bullying prevention as well as advocating for community outreach on the subject. 

Dr.  Victor Schwartz is a licensed psychiatrist and the Chief Medical Officer at The Jed Foundation a non-profit dedicated to protecting the emotional health as well as preventing suicide amongst this nation’s teens and young adults. He is also a clinical professor a the NYU school of medicine and has spent the last 30 years working in higher education and mental health administration. 

We enjoyed going out on the streets of New York City and Philadelphia to ask young adults their perspectives on our topics. Our goal is to feature multiple points of view to give our listeners a well-rounded understanding of this week’s topic. Want to be featured on an upcoming episode of The Conversationalist podcast? Here’s what to do:

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