Do we need to take social distancing seriously? Is it true that I could have the virus without presenting any symptoms? How can I take care of my mental health just as much as my physical health? Join the conversation with us on this week’s special episode of The Conversationalist about all things COVID-19.

This episode is part of our #Covid19Conversations series, where we are joined by experts, doctors, journalists, and more to help answer our burning questions about The Coronavirus. In this episode, you will hear from the doctor taking TikTok by storm, Dr. Rose Marie Leslie.

Dr. Leslie, the “OG TikTok Doc,” is a Resident Physician located at the University of Minnesota Family Medicine. She has been ranked as one of the “Top 20 Doctors on Social Media” and she has over 534.4K followers on TikTok, where she spreads tons of information to her audience about various medical phenomena, including the coronavirus. Dr. Leslie says that half of her posts are educational, some are medical current events, and some are just for fun! For more information from Dr. Leslie, you can find her on TikTok @DrLeslie, on Twitter @DrLeslie_MD, on Instagram @DrLeslieMD, and on her YouTube channel.

Here are some resources to turn to during COVID-19:

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