What do we need to be thinking about when it comes to COVID-19? How long will we have to go the social distance? Listen to this #SophieSix conversation for six questions, six answers, and six perspectives to consider as the coronavirus continues, all in less than six minutes.

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In this episode, you will find answers to these six burning questions:

1. What is social distancing all about and is it really necessary?

2. Is anyone to blame for the coronavirus outbreak?

3. Is COVID-19 impacting more than just our physical health?

4. What about the people who can’t afford to quarantine?

5. What is the role of celebrities at a time like this?

6. Is there anything positive happening around the world right now?

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We’ll be talking more about the coronavirus on our upcoming #Covid19Conversations with Dr. Leslie and Dr. Darien and we’ll see you next time for more questions and more answers with a brand new #SophieSix!