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Episode #8: There's A Lot On Macy's Plates Right Now

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*Please note that this episode contains discussions of eating disorders and might not be suitable to all listeners.


Welcome back, everybody! This week our CEO and founder Sophie Beren is joined by actor Misha Osherovich and playwright Domenica Feraud, as well as expert Jennifer Rollin. Both Misha and Domenica have had long and personal battles with eating disorders. Through their ongoing recovery, they have used their collective experiences to bring about a more inclusive awareness of disordered eating through creative mediums. They both hope that by using their platform to bring about more awareness, people will have a deeper understanding of what disordered eating can look like. Later in the episode, Sophie dives deep with Eating Disorder Therapist Jennifer Rollin who shares her own story with disordered eating and her personal thoughts on the infamous Macy’s portion control plates.

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Domenica Feraud is a playwright and professional actress having starred in popular shows such as Law & Order: SVU. Feraud received formal education at the TIsch School of Arts at NYU and recently developed and starred in the production Rinse, Repeat (2019). Rinse Repeat is a play that focuses on the relationship between a mother and her daughter and the dangers of diet culture. Utilizing her own personal struggle with an eating disorder and her mother’s battle with orthorexia, Feraud hopes to bring about more of an inclusive awareness and break down the myths surrounding disordered eating through more creative projects. Read more about Rinse Repeat in this article featured in Vogue and follow Domenica on social media.


Misha Osherovich is an actor, writer, filmmaker, producer, and mental health advocate. He stars in The Goldfinch, NOS4A2, and the play A Clockwork Orange. Misha has struggled with an eating disorder since adolescence and still considers himself to be on an ongoing journey with recovery. Osherovich, along with co-producer Angelica Santiago, created and starred in the independent film, E.very, D.ay, to reflect the lives of two individuals struggling with an active eating disorder. Misha hopes that this project and future ones will help highlight the secretive nature of this disease. Connect with Misha on Instagram and watch the trailer for his film, E.very D.ay.


Dr. Jennifer Rollin is a licensed therapist who specializes in helping clients deal with their eating disorders and disordered eating habits. Jennifer is also the founder of The Eating Disorder Center, a group practice located in Rockville, Maryland. Having dealt with her own personal struggles with disordered eating, Rollin is now on a mission to combat the destructive messages being pushed onto young people by today’s media. Jennifer has carefully crafted recovery coaching programs and trainings for those who suffer from disordered eating. She is also a writer for The Huffington Post and Psychology Today. Be sure to check out her personal blog for more updates and helpful tips and follow Jennifer on Instagram here


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