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Meet Our Conversationalists of The Week: Caitie & James

Caitie and James are the hosts of the Full Soul Nutrition Podcast

This week, we got to sit down with two amazing change makers - James Rose and Caitie Corradino. Caitie is a Registered Dietitian, Registered Yoga Teacher, and Group Fitness Instructor, and James is a Certified Personal Trainer, Registered Yoga Teacher, and actor. James and Caitie are the co-hosts of the Full Soul Nutrition podcast, where they explore emerging trends and current events in nutrition, fitness, and wellness. Their perspectives and analyses are informed by their experiences as health & wellness professionals, and by the principles of Intuitive Eating and Health at Every Size. Here's what they had to say about their journey and how they have personally been affected by this week's topic of body image & eating disorders.

1. Why do conversations matter to you?

James & Caitie: Conversations are how we learn, grow, and have empathy for one another! When we have conversations we’re allowed a window into how someone else experiences the world. Differences in world views as opportunities for examination, critique, and connection.

2. What was the inspiration and impetus behind starting Full Soul Nutrition? Tell us about the origination story and your vision.

James: Full Soul Nutrition’s title came about because Caitie & I are always talking in our personal and professional circuits about how to get full & nourish our souls. We’re also always talking about how body image intersects with eating disorders in our personal and professional lives, and decided to take these discussions to a wider audience. There’s so much (mixed) information out there in regards to health, wellness, nutrition & fitness, so we take current events & emerging trends in these fields and analyze them through a Health at Every Size & eating disorder recovery lens. While we are both licensed practitioners, (Caitie is a Registered Dietitian & Yoga Teacher, James is a Certified Personal Trainer & Yoga Teacher) and while the podcast doesn’t serve as a substitute for individualized professional medical or mental health advice, we hope it sparks conversation, offers resources, helps people feel seen and supported in their recovery, and continues to challenge the toxicities of over culture.

Caitie: I chose the name FULL SOUL Nutrition for some specific reasons:

FULL: because there is not enough emphasis on fullness & satisfaction in mainstream nutrition & wellness media. There’s too much focus on deprivation & what we “shouldn’t” do; not enough about how we can (& why we should) allow ourselves to fill ALL THE WAY UP. It’s also important to allow ourselves to be full in other ways (e.g. to be the fullest, most authentic, unapologetic version of ourselves) & to take up all the space that we deserve to take up in this world.

SOUL: because food & movement not only fuel your body, they also nourish your soul. I define “soul” as the unique, irreplaceable, intangible essence of who you are.

NUTRITION: because nutrition can be defined as anything that nourishes you, which is not only food.

3. How does Full Soul Nutrition connect to this week's topic of body image and disordered eating? Why does this topic matter to you?

James: Both Caitie & I are recovered from disordered eating, and we talk about this openly on the podcast because we want people not only to know recovery is possible; we want to challenge people to reject the diet culture messages we receive in contemporary culture every day. Anorexia Nervosa is the leading cause of death for adolescent women, which is a terrifying statistic because it is absolutely possible for anyone with an eating disorder to make a full, healthy recovery. It matters to us because lives are on the line, and everyone deserves a peaceful, healthy relationship with their body, food, and their soul.

4. How can we, as young adults, start more conversations about body image, wellness, and disordered eating today?

James & Caitie: Challenge EVERYTHING you read, see, & hear. A diet? A cleanse? A “lifestyle”? Challenge them. Find empirically supported data. Listen to leaders in the field. Open yourself up to learning the intersections of how ableism, classism, gender, race, & fatphobia intersect with these topics. The secret is that everyone is struggling with body image, food & wellness because of the culture we live in. The more we talk about it, challenge it, and uncover the truth, the more ownership we have of these conversations.

5. How can our audience get connected with you?

James & Caitie: Subscribe to our podcast, Full Soul Nutrition! In the show notes of every episode we post our emails & Instagram handles (@jamesissmiling & @caitiecrd) - the best way to connect is to start a conversation about something that intrigues you that we speak about. We love connecting with new friends - just like the first question, a conversation is an opportunity for connection, learning and growth!

Sophie: I also have to add that James & Caitie are such superstars. They are both featured in our videos for The Conversationalist and are incredibly eloquent! Make sure to tune in to the videos from this week and past weeks to hear their takes on our weekly topics. 

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