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Episode 10: And That's the Tea

Check out this week's episode of The Conversationalist Podcast: And That's the Tea!

Episode #10: And That's the Tea

This week our founder and CEO, Sophie Beren meets with Sex & Dating editor of Elite Daily Iman Hariri-Kia and Social_Animals director Jonathan Ignatious Green. Together they discuss Iman’s past usage of detox teas and her thoughts on it’s increasing popularity due to public promotion by celebrities and influencers. We also bring in a unique perspective by Jonathan who has dedicated his film career to storylines that circulate around the power of today’s technology and its influence on social connection. Today’s episodes come to an end with closing thoughts by well-being coach Rebecca Scritchfield who has built her career on helping others reject society’s weight and beauty standards and even more saturated issue given the rise of social media. 

Want to learn more about our guests and the amazing work they're doing? Read below!

Iman Hariri-Kia is an Iranian-American, New York-based writer, editor, and musician. Iman was the 2017 recipient of the Annabelle Bonner Medal and is now a nationally acclaimed journalist. Iman serves as the Sex & Dating editor of Elite Daily and has had several pieces published in Man Repeller, Teen Vogue, Bustle, and The Huffington Post.  Her writing explores various topics including sex, dating, relationships, singledom, sexuality, gender identity, sexual health, and consent. She’s also appeared as a speaker, panelist, and performer on the TODAY Show, DailyMailTV, NY1 News, and more. Iman’s journey with disordered eating and the usage of “detox teas” lead her now to advocacy work surrounding the banning of the promotion of these harmful, yet well-marketed products. Be sure to follow Iman on Instagram, check out her writing across multiple platforms, and be on the lookout for her latest articles.


Jonathan Ignatius Green is a writer, director, and partner at the content agency Conscious Minds. After years of first-hand experience with the rise of influencer culture, Green set out to create the documentary, Social Animals, which focuses on the unforgivable nature of social media in following the lives of three teenagers. The film first debuted at the South by Southwest Film Festival in 2018 and is now on Netflix for public viewing. The storyline focuses on three individuals: Kaylyn Slevin, the daughter of wealthy socialites, who has built an Instagram influencer career by showcasing her beach lifestyle; Humza Deas, an urban photographer who, quite literally, climbs to the top for the best shots; and typical teen from Ohio Emma Crockett. All three are burnt – to a greater or lesser extent – by social media’s dark side. Ultimately Green aimed to utilize the documentary as a platform for the teens to vulnerably share their experiences with social media as well as to build empathy for his subjects. Be sure to follow Jonathan on Instagram and Twitter for the latest updates on his upcoming projects. 


Rebecca Scritchfield is a registered dietician nutritionist and certified exercise physiologist. She is the creator of the The Body Kindness philosophy, which has become a podcast called Body Kindness, as well as a book called Body Kindness: Transform your health from the inside out and never say diet again now on sale at most major retailers. Rebecca is on a mission to help people reject diets and body shaming and help people achieve better lives with workable self-care goals that fit their needs and preferences, not society’s unrealistic weight and beauty standards that are constantly being pushed through mainstream media. Rebecca has a private practice based in D.C., where she sees clients virtually and in person. Be sure to like her page on Facebook, follow her on Instagram and Twitter, and subscribe to her YouTube channel. Lastly, Rebecca has a free Facebook group called Body Kindness insiders and has a free mini course that you can take right now to get started on your body kindness journey. Find the course at and make sure to watch Rebecca’s videos about why we need body kindness and why she gave up on dieting.


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