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Episode 7: The Real Mannequin Challenge

Check out Episode #7 of The Conversationalist Podcast: The Real Mannequin Challenge

Welcome back to The Conversationalist Podcast! This week we’re tackling body image and representation in the media.


Join our host and founder, Sophie Beren, as she welcomes Katie Sturino and Bruce Strugell to the show. Together Sturino and Sturgell dive deep into what it’s like living in a world where representation for their bodies was virtually non-existent before they began their advocacy work. Katie and Bruce let us in on how they have utilized their skills and knowledge to start their own inclusive communities with Megababe and Chubstr. Later in the show, Sophie speaks with with expert Dr. Phillippa Diedrichs, a passionate research psychologist and professor, working towards creating environments that support others and accept diversity in appearances. 


Read more about our guests here and follow our guests on social media to continue the conversation about body image & representation:

Katie Sturino is a tried and true New Yorker, podcaster, influencer, blogger, and entrepreneur who founded Megababe beauty. Katie utilizes her platforms to help plus-size women find the right fashion and beauty products that fit their needs. Katie is on a mission to bring about more body inclusivity in the media, beauty, and fashion industries, and is known for calling out brands with her #MakeMySize movement. As a force on social media, Katie has helped pave the way for many brands to be more size-inclusive and hopes more will join her in her efforts. Listen to Katie’s new podcast, Boob Sweat, today! Check back in with us on Instagram tomorrow for our Megababe giveaway! 

Bruce Sturgell hails from Portland, Oregon, and is the founder Chubstr, an online community that offers tips and styling advice for big and tall men. Sturgell started the site in 2010 out of frustration of not being able to find stylish clothing that fit his body type. Now almost a decade later, Sturgell is making waves as a model and as an entrepreneur, as more companies are starting to carry plus-size options for big and tall men. Bruce will continue fighting for more size inclusivity in the men’s fashion industry, so make sure to listen to Bruce’s podcast, Heavy Conversation and follow Chubstr on social media.

Dr. Phillippa Diedrichs is a professor of psychology at the Centre for Appearance Research, University of the West of England in Bristol, UK. She has dedicated her research to creating environments where there is body acceptance for every shape and size. Diedrichs has been researching the topic of body image ever since a class presentation in the 8th grade and has officially been researching the topic since 2006. Phillippa has also consulted on the popular Cartoon Network show Steven Universe which focuses primarily on positive body image and representation for a young audience. In the show, Phillippa references a few of her favorite body positive accounts to follow on Instagram. Here they are: @gabifresh @bodyimage_therapist @theembodiedfatactivist @thebodyisnotanapology @virgietovar and make sure to follow Phillippa on Twitter and Instagram!

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