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Meet Our Conversationalist of The Week, Jaclynn Brennan!

Jaclynn is a Founding Partner and the Commercial Director of eSTYLAR & ShopYourFit platforms that embrace size inclusivity within the fashion industry.

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Jaclynn Brennan this week to learn about all of the amazing work she is doing in the fashion tech space. Jaclynn is a Founding Partner and the Commercial Director of eSTYLAR & ShopYourFit platforms that embrace size inclusivity within the fashion industry. Let's get this convo started!

Why do conversations matter to you?

Conversations are the key to trust, awareness, connection and community. Conversations with ourselves and others are crucial to understand emotions and perspectives. Conversations bring happiness and the feeling of being connected to something bigger, something greater. At the end of the day we all seek to feel connection, and in a society & that era that lacks connection- conversations help us humanize life and relationships with those around us.

Personally, over the past few years I wouldn’t consider myself a “conversationalist”. Even though I am an extrovert socially and in front facing roles for work, deep inside I was more of an introvert and only connecting on the surface level in social settings. This past year has brought about such great change and growth, my mission was to focus on deepening my connection and conversations with the people in my life (personally and professionally) and more importantly- with myself. Getting very clear on who I am, what I stand for, and what I want out of life. Those conversations with myself through journaling and mediation have completely shifted my levels of awareness and personal growth.

What was the inspiration and the impetus behind starting eSTYLAR?

Nothing great is ever accomplished by one person. eSTYLAR is a brain child of an amazing founding team: Matias Gath, Daniel Salcedo, Lucas Gath, Augusto Chesini, and myself. The original idea was during a fashion trade-show in New York where our current CPO (Chief Product Officer) and COO had the opportunity to present different augmented reality concepts to the industry through their previous production company.

I was personally working in the fashion industry as a Creative Director for the past 8 years, and met my partners through production and AR work while I was on set. We then worked together on different AR experiences, and really enjoyed building and connecting on innovation for the fashion industry. When Lucas & Matias Gath approached me to join the founding team and start up, I knew it was the right decision. This was the first time I truly worked with such a dynamic team of experts. We each have specific industry experience in different sectors of the business, and as a whole we make one powerful family of dreamers and doers. The most important part of our team is the trust we have in each other, and our completely transparent and authentic communication.

eSTYLAR is the B2B side of software as a service (otherwise known as SAaS). We are tackling a HUGE problem in the fashion industry for brands. Over 40% of clothing purchased online is returned! Almost 80% of those returned garments end up in a landfill or incinerator. Not to mention all of the packing, shipping materials and C20 emissions that are completely unnecessary. We also realized that when it comes to online shopping, the buyers journey is broken.

We might know what size to order, but are unsure of the the RIGHT FIT. My size 12 and your size 12 can look very different, because we all have different body shapes, and that is something to celebrate! Our goal is to make eSTYLAR the industry standard for size and fit. Every brand operates off of a different size chart, so now if you shop online or in store knowing your “estylar” size, you can and your perfect fit. is a fashion platform created to improve the online shopping experience.  ShopYourFit uses our software that brings a real time body scanning process using a mobile phone (iOS and Android) and accurately measures size and body proportions giving the possibility of quickly, easily, and correctly selection of size, fit, and style every time you shop. We have identified over 37 body types and now you can scan when you enter the website, and it will populate all of the garments that will look best on you and make style recommendations.

How does ShopYourFit connect to this week's topic of body image and representation?

ShopYourFit really empowers people to shop with confidence while embracing their bodies.  It enables you to choose the correct size, to feel good in your clothing, and wear things that TRULY FIT. I have struggled with weight and positive body image for years. Working in the fashion industry as a curvy woman who is not a size 2 has been challenging throughout my career. Our industry has had a certain “image” of what a fashion executive should look like, and now I feel like that image is finally starting to change.

Diversity and body positivity is not just a trend, but a staple. Inclusivity in sizing has become mandatory, and celebrating body shapes and sizes is the future. Everyone has a different genetic composition and features that make them uniquely beautiful. Our platform embraces inclusion, and we only work with brands that offer full size ranges. It is extremely important to our values and mission, everyone has the right to look good and feel confident when shopping.

How can we, as young adults, start more conversations about body image, body positivity, and representation today?

By simply expressing ourselves and personal struggles, we open doors for conversations that can bring about transformation and healing. When people look at me, most often they say they see a “confident curvy woman”- but for me, it wasn’t always that way.

In 2010, after struggling with depression and a chemical imbalance due to burn out- I started taking medication that made me gain a lot of weight. I was not only depressed, but felt terrible about my body and how I was carrying the weight. My clothing no longer fit, I had a hard time shopping, going into the “plus size section” felt very shameful, and I started self-loathing. Eating became a coping mechanism, and I was choosing to live an unhealthy lifestyle that felt almost impossible to break.

I never outwardly spoke about this to anyone, because I didn’t want to appear “weak” or vulnerable. I didn’t want people to think I was struggling, so I internalized a lot of my hardships and darkness. It was a very lonely time for me, and I felt isolated like no one would truly understand what I was going through. After years of healing and learning to deal with my own emotions, I now understand that by sharing my story with others I can help someone who might be going through something similar. The more I open up about my struggles with body image and depression, the more I can connect with others to show them how I was able to turn it around.

I think by telling our personal stories and opening up about our experiences and hardships, we can connect on a deeper level and inspire others to have different perspectives about their own bodies and mindsets. Today, I consider myself an advocate and ambassador for positive body image. I speak to different women’s organizations and young girls around the country about image, self love and retraining our minds to embrace our differences.

How can our audience get connected / stay connected with you?

If anyone wants to connect personally, can you email me directly at

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