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My name is Sophie and I am the
Founder & CEO of The Conversationalist.

Hi everyone! My name is Sophie Beren, and I am the Founder & CEO of The Conversationalist!
I grew up in Wichita, Kansas, and I spent almost my entire life growing up feeling like I didn’t have a voice. I was the only Jewish student in my grade in school and I constantly felt like the “other.” I never want anyone to feel as though their voice does not matter, and in fact, I am here today to tell you that your voice does matter. I am creating The Conversationalist so that you will have a place to go where your voice can be heard, because I believe that every single voice matters. I want to help you break open the echo chambers in your life so you can open up conversations about topics that matter! It’s time to put down our phones, turn off our notifications, and actually talk to one another about the important things in life. That is why we have created and will continue to build a space where every perspective is welcome, without judgment. We want to empower you to open up your mind, to push through the stigma, and to have meaningful conversations. Let's start here, together!

          Why are conversations important to us? Conversations are at the root of human connection and we realize that in our increasingly digitalized world, although we seem to be constantly connected on social media, as a generation we aren’t making enough time to talk. We want The Conversationalist to be a place where you can start the conversation with us literally, figuratively, and digitally to get informed, get inspired, and to start conversations about topics that matter to YOU!

          Every week we will be releasing content about a particular topic that impacts us as Gen-Z'ers every single day. We will be sharing submission based articles from our audience, video series addressing our weekly conversation starters, and podcast episodes featuring high profile guests and experts. We are not shying away from the difficult, the controversial, or the uncomfortable, because we believe that the better informed we are about these topics, the more conversations we can have about them.  We know that from conversations, real change can happen! We want to hear your voice, we want to highlight your points of view, and we want to celebrate all perspectives! Join us today and become a part of The Conversationalist, a community where my voice matters, your voice matters, and where all of our voices, together, can make a difference. 

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