Jan 2021

Joe Hobbs Environment Honoree

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Joe Hobbs is mobilizing Gen Z to save the planet

Speaking how he feels

17-year-old Joe Hobbs is passionate about our planet. He dreams of traveling the world and discovering all there is to know about it. 

“Climate change is real, and we need to take action quickly.”

In the meantime, Joe is using his voice to defend and promote sustainable practices as a climate activist. He is strong-willed, passionate about his path, and remains focused on the goal of saving the planet. “Climate change is real, and we need to take action quickly,” he said. 

Facing the threat

As a climate activist, Joe organizes events that educate and pressure elected officials to take action. He also manages the day-to-day operations of Climate Cardinals, an organization that translates climate information into 100+ languages. “Climate change has always been important to me, and I think it's time to go public with the threat we face if we do nothing,” he said. “I care about our world and don't want to see it die around me. I want to leave a world my kids and grandkids can live in.”

Joe was honored for his work around the Environment through The ConversationaLIST, our annual honoree list recognizing exceptional Gen Z'ers making an impact simply by using their voices for good. He participated in his first climate strike in September of 2019 but he understood the power of his voice the first time he was speaking on a team call. “I realized that they were all listening to me instead of just humoring me,” he said. 

“If you're passionate about something, people will see that and start listening to you.”

For those who are still seeking to find their voice, Joe recommends keeping on with the work you care about. “If you're passionate about something, people will see that and start listening to you,” he said. “I'm going to keep on organizing and doing the work I do best. 

Five years from now, Hobbs hopes to continue organizing and doing the work he does best. More specifically,  he hopes to travel the world explaining the peril of climate change and its importance in taking action around the issue. He also hopes to meet more people who share his passion for climate change.

Be loud and speak up

While Gen Z is more united on climate change than previous generations, it’s still a topic that incites controversy and polarizing conversations. 

“We need just to keep being loud and speaking our opinion.”

Through experience connecting with others, Hobbs has some advice on how to navigate such a situation. “We need just to keep being loud and speaking our opinion,” he said. “At some point, people will catch on. I continue to give them the facts I have. Sometimes people just refuse to listen, but that shouldn't discourage you. Just continue to speak your truth.”

We couldn’t be more grateful to Joe Hobbs for his mission to inspire and advocate for those without a voice. Keep up with him on Instagram and follow Climate Cardinals to learn more about his work.

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