Jan 2021

Branden Harvey Celebrity Journalism Honoree

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Journalist Branden Harvey is passionate about sharing ‘real good news’

Branden Harvey Portland-based journalist, social entrepreneur, and speaker who amplifies good news on the Goodnewspaper and the Sounds Good podcast with his company Good Good Good. He was chosen as the 2020-2021 celebrity ConversationaLIST honoree for the Journalism and Media category to celebrate his exceptional work as an artist, activist, and changemaker. 

Branden breaks through negative news by running the go-to publication for all things good people and things. He also is unifying positive changemakers through an online community of more than 250,000 world changers. He's also helped brands like Disney, Square, Southwest Airlines, and (RED) tell meaningful stories and has been featured in outlets such as The New York Times, Mashable, and more. 

During his panel, Branden said he was inspired to start amplifying his good news from his work as a humanitarian photographer and wanting to tell stories about what he saw there. “I documented a lot of heartbreak and pain in the world,” he said. “But no matter what heartbreak and pain I saw, there were always people making a difference.”

“But no matter what heartbreak and pain I saw, there were always people making a difference.”

Branden is passionate about “real good news” as opposed to “feel-good news,” which refers to stories that are free of any negative. Instead, he wants people to pay attention to the pain of a particular moment and use it as a catalyst to create solutions. “The work we do makes it approachable to look at the heartbreak, pain, and injustice in the world so that we can celebrate the people making a difference,” he said. 

He also hopes Good Good Good content will encourage readers to take action, especially when they might feel overwhelmed by bad news. His stories include action items and donation platforms.  “You can come away from this, not just having made a difference, but having more hope than you started the day with,” he said. 

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