Jan 2021

Christine Lee Journalism and Media Honoree

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Christine Lee is amplifying voices and uplifting communities on Youtube

Shedding light

When Christine Lee was in high school, she wanted to share her journey and experience with people who might be going through the same thing. As a result, she started making YouTube videos about her college admissions process. Her acceptance reaction videos were widely viewed, and she gained what started as a small following on the platform. Since then, her channel has reached nearly 95k subscribers. “It is through this following that I’ve been able to share resources and openly express my thoughts on causes that I am most passionate about in this world.”

"I hope to be a content creator whose voice amplifies stories that may find themselves silenced."

As a college student and content creator, Christine aims to share her love for the intersections of social justice and medicine, the field she hopes to work in after graduation. She also hopes to share her own story and represent her upbringing with Korean immigrant parents in a low-income home. “By shedding light on a vast array of issues related to women in medicine, racial justice, the low-income student experience, and more, I hope to be a content creator whose voice amplifies stories that may find themselves silenced in such a saturated social media landscape,” she said. 

Redefining success

Today, Christine is a Harvard Student, YouTube Content Creator, and Activist from New Jersey. With her YouTube channel, she has organized merchandise fundraisers for climate change NGOs, held conversations with women of color doctors, and pursued partnerships that emphasize self-empowerment through better mental wellness. “I use my voice to bring attention to issues that truly matter to me, such as environmental and racial justice, spotlighting small businesses, and showing up for BIPOC activists and organizations,” she said. 

“I use my voice for good by emphasizing kindness over competition, and empathy over intolerance.”

As an exceptional Gen Z’er making an impact, Christine was honored for her Media and Journalism work through the ConversationaLIST. “I use my voice for good by emphasizing kindness over competition, and empathy over intolerance,” she said. “In a world where folks are constantly looking to strive for a convoluted idea of success by society’s conventional standards, I aim to dismantle that aspirational typecasting and encourage others to create their own definitions of success and fulfillment.”

Christine doesn’t believe in ‘not having’ or ‘finding’ your voice. “Your current thoughts, emotions, interests, and passions all makeup who you are; they are your voice,” she said. “Recognize that there is inherent power to be found in that realization, and find strength in yourself.”

Over the next five years, Christine said she sees herself making many mistakes, taking many more college courses and exams, and hopefully entering into medical school someday. She also hopes to travel across another continent and continue putting her life out onto the internet. “Inspiring others to always remember that empathy and kindness are the most powerful weapons one can possess,” she said about the legacy she hopes to leave behind. 

Highlighting stories and championing causes

The Conversationalist’s mission resonates with Christine because it emphasizes both diversity and unity. “I am excited to be a part of the TC community because of what it represents— a generation of thinkers, innovators, and game-changers who are looking to leave the world better than we found it,” she said.

For Christine, unification looks like diversity— and more specifically, finding common threads within that diversity. She hopes Gen Z can build a unified world by highlighting stories and championing causes that strengthen individual communities’ diversity.

"[I] stand strong in my own beliefs, but not permanently rooted, ask the same of the other person.”

To break open her echo chambers, Christine spends more time listening than speaking.“[I] stand strong in my own beliefs, but not permanently rooted,” she said about approaching difficult conversations. “Ask the same of the other person.”

We’ll be rooting for Christine Lee as she uplifts communities on her platform. Keep up with her on Instagram to learn more about her work.

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