Jan 2021

Mik Zazon Celebrity Mental Health Honoree

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Mik Zazon is using her platform to #NormalizeNormalBodies

Mik Zazon is a writer, speaker, and creator who is on a mission to inspire body positivity and self-acceptance. She was chosen as the 2020-2021 celebrity ConversationaLIST honoree for the Economics category to celebrate his exceptional work as an entrepreneur.

Mik uses her social media platform, YouTube channel, and various brand partnerships to raise awareness around eating disorders and mental health and continuously sets an amazing example of self-love for all the Gen Z’ers who follow her. She seeks to #NormalizeNormalBodies and encourages others to speak their truth and have the confidence to love themselves at any size. 

During her panel, Mik shared why she wanted to start advocating for mental health and how it goes hand in hand with body positivity. She has experienced mental health disorders, and it has been a part of her story for as long as she can remember. “I wasn’t vocal about it until I hit rock bottom about three years ago with my eating disorders,” she said. “I stopped everything to move back home to my parents and get the help I needed, and it took off from there.” 

Mik frequently uses her platform to engage with her audience and advocate for challenging topics to create positive change in the world. Per the advice of her mother, she believes that “change happens, one conversation at a time.” 

“Change happens, one conversation at a time.” 

She also emphasized the importance of taking care of yourself, especially during such a turbulent time, so that you can be your best self for others. “It’s not just creating conversations with words,” she said. “It’s also by actions.”

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