Jan 2021

Trisha Beher Social Impact Honoree

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Trisha Beher is using the arts to promote social good

A community of artists

17-year-old artist Trisha Beher knew that she had the potential to use her talent for good when she bonded with a fellow artist online. After learning that she was undergoing cancer treatment, Trisha decided to send her some artwork to lift her spirits. “It was when she told me the art comforted her immensely during this difficult time that I realized the potential of art to empower people,” Trisha recalled.

“I started using my artwork to spread positive messages and advocate for issues like gender equality and mental health.”

This experience sparked her interest in ‘artivism’ and motivated her to continue using her skills to help others. “I started using my artwork to spread positive messages and advocate for issues like gender equality and mental health,” she explained.

Now, Trisha continues to use the arts to spread positivity, advocate for marginalized communities, and raise awareness for real-world issues. “Through my artivism nonprofit, I’ve cultivated a community of artists from around the world and positively impact communities globally,” she said. 

Working for what you love

As an activist, writer, and spoken-word poet, Trisha uses creative expression to uplift others and support communities. She is the founder of the nonprofit organization the Art Shine Foundation, which brings youth artists together from over eight countries to use their talent to create social change in the community. 

As an exceptional Gen Z’er making an impact, she was honored for her work in the Social Impact space through The ConversationaLIST. Her ability to influence conversations around racial equality and women’s rights drives her work. Additionally, her interactions with artists from a variety of cultural backgrounds continue to inspire. “Seeing smiles on peoples’ faces when they see our artwork makes what I do feel worth it,” she said.   

Trisha wants to encourage other young visionaries who seek to start a project to have the courage to take the first jump, even if it might seem intimidating. “I never thought I was capable of managing a fundraiser, let alone an organization, but I found that diving headfirst into making a difference kept me dedicated and focused,” she explained. “Anything is possible if you have a growth mindset and are willing to work for what you love.”

“Anything is possible if you have a growth mindset and are willing to work for what you love.”

Over the next few years, Trisha hopes to accomplish several goals, but most importantly, she hopes to find clarity and inner peace. “I think the biggest investment in life is yourself, and I want to pour energy into making myself a stronger, more independent young woman,” she said.

She also hopes to continue positively impacting peoples’ lives through The Art Shine Foundation. “Giving others hope gives my life meaning, and I want to continue helping communities in any way I possibly can,” she explained. “Art is a universal language, and there are so many more galleries, projects, and fundraisers I have in mind. I hope to help underprivileged artists through ASF next and provide them with resources to pursue their interests.”

Visionaries, leaders, and agents of change

Trisha believes that The Conversationalist’s mission runs parallel to that of The Art Shine Foundation. “I believe that amplifying Gen Z voices and opinions and giving youth a space to share their stories is vital to changing the world,” she said. “I’ve made it my mission to feature youth artists and allow them to have a platform to share their work through ASF.”

She also believes that when Gen Z comes together and collectively advocates for social change, “our message and impact become amplified exponentially.” 

“Gen Z are visionaries, leaders, and agents for positive change."

For Trisha, a unified world means that people see past their differences and work together to create a kinder and more equitable world. She believes that this is possible through acts of kindness by engaging with different perspectives. “Gen Z are visionaries, leaders, and agents for positive change...If we continue our fight for justice, continue standing up for the people who need our support, and continue perpetuating open conversations with one another, we will surely reach a stage of complete equality,” she said.

Trisha works to break open her echo chamber by actively listening to people who are different from her. “We often get trapped in our bubble, not realizing the challenges other people are facing,” she said. “If we break out of this and actively have conversations with people who are different from ourselves, we can broaden our horizons and learn so much about other opinions and why those opinions were formed.”

The Conversationalist couldn’t be more grateful to Trisha Beher for all she does to inspire change. Keep up with her on Instagram to follow The Art Shine Foundation to learn more about her work.

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