Jan 2021

Richa Moorjani Celebrity Unification Honoree

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Actress Richa Moorjani is amplifying causes that matter

Richa Moorjani is an actress and dancer who is best known for her starring role as Kamala on Netflix's Never Have I Ever. She was chosen as the 2020-2021 celebrity ConversationaLIST honoree for the Unification category to celebrate her exceptional work as an artist and changemaker.

Richa is a fierce advocate for unification in her roles. Her work often revolves around giving a voice to the South Asian Diaspora and shedding light on the experiences of marginalized and often overlooked communities. Through her roles and advocacy, Richa continuously inspires young people worldwide to hear and see all kinds of perspectives and unify the world.

During her panel, Richa shared that she was inspired and empowered to use her platform for good after seeing others doing the same. “I do believe that with any kind of power comes responsibility,” she said. "My platform started to grow after Never Have I Ever was released, and I realized that I had not only the responsibility but the opportunity to speak out about things I care about to a larger audience.”

Richa emphasized that while it’s important to talk about topics that matter, people shouldn’t be pressured to talk about every issue. “There are many things I care about, but I try to focus on what I can effectively use my voice for,” she said. “Some of those things are environmental justice, climate change, and plant-based living.”

For Richa, unity is essential for surviving as a human race. “We have to come together and celebrate our diversity with a common goal of justice, peace, and a healthy planet,” she said. “The only way to do that is by standing together.” 

“We have to come together and celebrate our diversity with a common goal of justice, peace, and a healthy planet. The only way to do that is by standing together.”

Finally, she left the panel with some vital advice. “When you use your voice, you have to go in knowing you will face adversity,” she said. “You will come across people who disagree with you or may try to silence you. You can’t let those people get to you. If there is something you truly care about, you have to fight for it every single day.

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